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Discover our Partner artists, thanks to whom we regularly offer new thematic printable adult coloring pages with various styles. Here are the 5 most active artists of the moment, but they are all present on this page.


Fascinated by drawing since her childhood, Urielle draw her inspiration into nature, to suggest you relaxing and poetic coloring pages.

Jennifer Stay

Jennifer launched her brand “Coloring Pages Bliss” in 2013 as a way to share her art with the world and to help others discover the power of art to heal, comfort and bring joy.


Enthusiast by drawing and video games, Rachel began very young to demonstrate her talent. She likes to work with realistic models, photography and trips.

Amreta Sidik

Born in Java, Amreta Sidik makes you discover her culture through her beautiful drawings. With refined curves and whimsy patterns, she introduces you to her own world.


Celine is 18 years old, she is passionate by art, drawing, dance and cinema. She likes many things and it's not easy when you must make a choice for your professional orientation !